Monday, August 11, 2008

Another pretty bottle

Segura Viudas

I've said before that, unlike most women, I don't buy wine because it has a pretty label, but this is the second time I've been suckered into buying a pretty bottle: A nonvintage Segura Viudas Brut Reserva Cava, which scored an 89 with Wine Enthusiast. This Spanish Cava is made from Spanish grapes using the traditional Champagne method (which basically means that the second fermentation, where the bubbles are produced, is done in the bottle, creating a more complex wine and smaller bubbles).

This bubbly has been in my fridge for a few months now, and I opened it the night we got back from vacation, when the laundry was piled up, the fridge was bare, and sushi takeout sounded like the best post-vacation meal idea ever. The Cava was fruity, fresh, and fragrant, slightly yeasty but not overly so, and a perfect accompaniment to the sushi.

The bottle has a grapevine-inscribed metal coaster on the bottom and the Segura Viudas crest on top. Of course, the heavy bottle isn't doing much for my carbon footprint, but it's so lovely, I think I'll keep it since I can't toss it into the recycling bin anyway.

Price: $14.49 (about prices)

Rating: Great value (about ratings)

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dhonig said...

Beautiful, thank you, and welcome aboard. I like this wine too. It is also a great bargain, usually on sale at Cost Plus World Market for $17.99.