Monday, July 28, 2008

The Boom is in the Bottle

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Ah, Boomtown Chardonnay! We’ve decided to feature this delicious, refreshing, delectable wine on our homepage. Chad and Corey at Dusted Valley have always been great to work with, producing vintage after vintage of kick butt wines. And now there’s a whole new line of Boomtown wines that are so ridiculously priced it feels almost like giving away gold.

Scoring 89 points this Chardonnay is on the threshold. This is such a great place to be, really. You know it's good, but it's affordable. No guilt if you want it NOW instead of leaving it cellared for any period of time. It is well made, structured, and has the acidity to pair wonderfully with food. I love the crisp, citrus and fuji apple experience of this Chardonnay.

For those of you who made our Bling & Wine event, you were able to try the stuff. We sold through our entire stock that night. Now we’ve got more on hand and have placed it in a most prominent position. Front and center. Loud and Proud!

As you can see, Wine & Spirits listed Boomtown as one of the top 100 value brands of 2008, for what it’s worth. We’re not huge into the numbers game here. But we (the Wine Cellar team) agree that this wine is a great buy.

89 points. What would be the tipping point? All I know is that, sales and numbers aside, I love this little surprise. Dusted Valley is relatively widely distributed, so do try it. I'll hope for a Monday afternoon on the back patio, sipping Boomtown Chardonnay, soaking up sunshine and drinking in wonder.

And I'd love to discuss why the Chardonnay scored 89 and the Syrah scored 90. Hmm... interesting. Very very interesting...


Joe Roberts, CSW said...

Love the idea of this site... and your logo image is classic!

dhonig said...

Thanks Joe. I took it in the front yard.