Wednesday, September 10, 2008

2007 Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc

I couldn't stop drinking it.

I'll never be a candidate for alcoholism because a migraine will set in long before I've had enough to become truly and fabulously wasted, so with that kind of medical history I've gotten very good at keeping my intake in check.

What could be called a liability helps me write better about wines, I think, because I allow myself to truly linger over the nuances instead of just taking big swigs for the buzz.

But last night, when I poured the 2007 Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc, I never wanted the experience to end. It was deliciously fruity with a solid backbone of acidity and grapefruit scents that charmed and invigorated. I've had the Kim Crawford before, but this time it was like falling in love with your best friend after you finally realize he has amazing, previously-overlooked qualities. I had to cut myself off after two glasses, and it was hard. Very hard.

I drank the Sauv Blanc with a steamed artichoke dipped in lemon butter. The two are a perfect match, but I found it to be even more true this time. The wine refreshed and cleansed the palate like no other wine, not even an extra-dry bubbly, could do after an artichoke.

Wine Enthusiast gave the 2007 an 89, and I don't know about the others. But if you're looking for artichoke's soulmate, look no further.

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Matt - mmWine said...

In 2005 I found this wine reviewed in the Wall Street Journal in the Friday weekend section. I hadn't had it before, and decided to give it a shot. I really loved it, and ordered 2 cases to serve at our July 4th bash. Wasn't a bottle left in the house at the end of the party

Unfortunately, the price quickly rose, and continued to do so over 05 and 06. I don't believe I've had KCSB since the 2006 Disney World Food and Wine festival. There hasn't been a bottle in the house since that 05 party. Perhaps it's time to give it another glance!